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The incredible adventure of the Ice Wine Perceval

The pinnacle of exceptional wines is born from the unusual combination of hand-harvested Jacquère grapes and the extreme cold of Europe's highest altitude.

The idea came to Pascal Perceval, a passionate Savoyard winemaker and owner of a magnificent estate in the heart of the French Alps, to give a new dimension to a few hectoliters of one of his finest nectars.

Once the carefully selected bunches have been pressed, the tanks containing the grape juice are transported by helicopter to the exceptional altitude of 3,613 meters.

Here, close to Europe's highest peak, the juice freezes for 5 to 30 days. The sub-zero temperatures set in motion the cryoextraction process (water separates naturally from the must), and eventually 70% of the vat will have frozen (water), while the remaining 30% (concentrated juice) will be put to fermentation.

The vats are then taken down to Domaine Perceval, where the juice is put into vats for fermentation. Fermentation is monitored to ensure an alcohol content of 9%.

Once fermentation has stopped, the ice wine is bottled and sold to both stores and individuals.

Tasting notes:

  • To be served chilled, place in the freezer for 5 minutes before serving to enhance the aromas.
3 years
between 8 and 12° C
Grape variety
100% Jacquère

9 %

Straw-yellow, tinged with gold.
Candied fruit, acacia honey and mango.
Very smooth on the palate, without heaviness, with aromas of currant, orange marmalade, candied apricot and honey. Long, clean finish with a touch of acidity.
Foie gras, fruit salad, tarte Tatin, French toast, iced nougat, blue or beaufor cheese


Only for metropolitan France


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