Domaine Perceval

Savoyard vineyard

Pascal Perceval works today on an exceptional domain created in 1910 on 54 hectares of vineyards, in the French Alps, which extends from the commune of Les Marches, close to the Saint André lake, to the territory of Chautagne, on the edge of the Bourget lake. In this breathtaking landscape, the average age of the vines is 30 years and some parcels are over 80 years old.

The Savoy Wine

In love with the mountains and the land that surrounds him, Pascal Perceval lives and breathes to the rhythm of his environment. This majestic setting feeds his imagination and provides him with the necessary inspiration to pave the way, stubborn and daring. The highest peaks as well as the deepest lakes give him the desire to dare, to seek and to discover the way in which the gold and blood of the vineyard will be impregnated with their most beautiful exposures. His roots are those of a family that believes in the truth of the soil, in the beauty of the seasons, in the joy of beautiful and large tables. Difficult to conquer but generous, this land could only accept the energy and work of determined men for generations.


Our selection

From this soil inherited from the gigantic collapse of the Granier mountain, in November 1248, was born a white grape variety with subtle and fresh perfumes. In our region, criss-crossed by mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers, the continental climate is subject to numerous influences, oceanic to the north and Mediterranean to the south. On these lands, the Perceval family cultivates tradition and audacity as well as quality viticulture. The respect of the work well done, of the manual harvest and of the ancestral methods preserves nectars with round tannins, with a beautiful density and with a fine and assertive character.

A Local Wine

Each year a commission of experts controls the respect of these rules. Our vineyard is planted on hillsides, on ancient glacial moraines or on scree. Its sunshine gives it a great gustatory quality. The greatest care is taken to ensure that the white wines are matured in traditional vats, in stainless steel or concrete, and in French oak barrels for better aging.